As SIP&POUR grows and expands, new instructors can find updates and information here. We will be hosting a training workshop in weeks to come, check here for dates.  

Meg Whitney// Creator and Founder // Candle Maker 


As the president of Family Tree Candle Company, Meg pioneered SIP&POUR, out of her knowledge as the owner of a retail candle brand. After a few years of creating candles in her kitchen, she thought, "Why not pass along this fun craft to others?" The SIP&POUR concept was born early in 2017. Not only do guests enjoy making scented candles with friends and family, but their creations are healthy and safe to burn in their homes. She enjoys being a part of helping guests create unforgettable memories and fabulous candles! When she's not crafting and creating, she enjoys time with her husband and two fur babies. 





Melanie Alexander // Managing Partner // Wine Sommelier 

  Melanie delights in her position as Managing Partner of Family Tree Candle Company, and as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, is thrilled to be aligned with the revolutionary concept of Sip&Pour. A self proclaimed “Candle Junkie,” she was first drawn to the company because of the impeccable quality of the recipe. Soon thereafter, she began assisting Meg as a business consultant, and less than a year later she was blessed with the offer to formally partner. Melanie never expected the unique ‘feather in her cap’ as a wine sommelier paired with a background in fine dining would one day be utilized in the special venture of SIP&POUR. Melanie is also the CEO of a blended business community, promoting health, happiness, and world changing entrepreneurs.

She looks forward to seeing you at our events as we blend the old-world art of candle making and wine tasting into a lasting memory!